Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus

The Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus is a public-private initiative that aims to jump start from 2020 in the Lazio Region, Italy, the World’s leading regional ecosystem and technology park on leading-edge security for communication, cyber-physical and artificial intelligence systems, by offering an unmatched array of scientific, quality of life and economic incentives to the very best talents, researchers, startups, venture funds, companies.

(1-pager Profile and 10-pager Summary in Italian PDF)

The Cluster will create a regional ecosystem through an extensive and targeted public-private venture 2020-2030 private sectoral leaders,adedicated technology park and the national and/or regional public administrations, aimed at attracting a unique critical mass the World’s top talent, researchers, start-ups, companies, research centers – and hundreds of millions of euro of private/public investments – in the leading-edge security of computer systems and artificial intelligence, in emerging mass markets. Four years in the works, this proposal was formallylaunched in May 2017 by a widening set of public, private and research partners.
The economic model of the Cluster aims to achieve a substantial, sustainable, and distributed economic development, through very extensive and focused public policies to incentivize research, early adoption, safety and security certifications, and large private R&D co-investments, in for ultra-secure IT and AI, and innovative and extensive retraining programs for the unemployed. (Details below in “Economic Model”).

The Campus will consist of 13,000 sq.mts. of zero emission, food-autonomous, living lab offices and labs for educational and R&D activities, inside a world-class technology park in great natural settings with a unique array of technical, commercial, entertainment, food, hospitality, cultural services, in unique location in major capital, and with a high existing concentration of domain experts.
Located inside the planned 150M€ and 47.000 sq.mts. Open Media Park, in Rome, Italy, it is wrapped around a stunning park made of centennial oaks, smooth rolling hills and 3000-years-old ancient Etruscan archaeological treasures with and trails, on a uniquely-located 12-hectares lot (photos), and it is supported by 16.000 sq.mts. 4-star hospitality/hotel, long-term let congress and wellness facility, and 8.000 sq.mts. of services.Surrounded by lakes, trails, and picturesque towns of the Regional Park of Veio, it is only 3 minutes away from world-renowned Olgiata gold and horse riding facilities, 8 minutes away from Rome ring road, and 25 minutes from Rome’s main international airport.  It will be a “Disneyland for the brightest cyber & AI security minds”. It will aim to uniquely satisfy the mind, soul and physical needs of researchers that, on average, earn today 400k$/year in the Valley. (A complementary Campus and Cluster is being explored in Luxembourg.)


All software, hardware and organization processes critically involved in the lifecycle and supply chain – including CPU, fabrication and standard setting – will uniquely be subject to:

  • (A) public inspectability in their source HW & SW designs without NDA;
  • (B) extreme security-review relative to complexity by highly-proficient and ethical hackers;
  • (C) extremely resilient oversight of human processes, based on offline in-person citizen-witness or citizen-jury processes, to enable key recovery and legitimate lawful access procedures with safeguards against privacy abuse exceeding the best current solutions;
  • (D) extremely citizen-accountable and technically-proficient certification processes. See the Trustless Computing Paradigms for full details.

The Paradigms, currently in late draft versions, are being evolved since 2014 by a widening community of partners and members of the Trustless Computing Consortium and selected speaker of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace global event series, as binding high-level certification requirements required by to-be-established Trustless Computing Certification Body.

(1-pager Profile and 10-pager Summary in Italian PDF)

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