OMC was established as the core innovation catalyst for the Open Media Park, a 47.000 sq.mts. and 150M€ media/ICT technology Park, which is planned to start construction in Rome, Italy, in 2017.

The Park project was launched through a 2012 event, Open Media Forum, coordinated by the Open Media Cluster, with world-class partners and stakeholder of the Park and Cluster.

Through to 2013, OMC gathered 13 world-leading R&D and industrial partners from the media/IT sectors to localize in a 5-6,000 sq.mts. innnovation center, and initiated large-scale disruptive R&D projects proposal centered on next generation open Web and cutting-edge IT privacy.

Since 2014, the local government, which controls the zoning approval process, has declared interest in more traditional audiovisual content production, and could not commit to making up for the large delays in the approval processes.

Since then its R&D activities, and especially the TRUSTLESS project – initiated with some of the partners for the planned geolocated innovation center – have taken a life of its own and become the core project of OMC.

On the side, OMC – in conjunction to large EU funded R&D projects, is exploring other EU regions interested in exploiting UVST, global IT/media partnerships and plans for a UVST Virtual District to repurpose existing tech and media parks to become a world-leading ecosystems centered on a fast-emerging niche of IT system of the highest security and privacy levels for all market domain.

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