We are a small independent non-profit based in Rome, Italy, that promotes leading-edge research, events and startup spin offs in the area of ultra-high assurance IT systems, services, life-cycles and standards, aimed at the most critical societal use cases and wide-market consumer adoption; especially in the area of communications and autonomous systems.


Our activities revolve around the Trustless Computing Initiative (or “TRUSTLESS”), with amazing partners and advisors, and the related Free and Safe in Cyberspace global event series, with amazing speakers, to lead the creation of a complete hardware and software computing base, platform, life-cycle, ecosystem, and certification body, that substantially or radically exceed state-of-the-art levels of ICT trustworthiness (i.e. assurance). Over the next few months the main focus will be to attract smart funding to a TRUSTLESS Inc. spin off startup


TRUSTLESS was launched in 2013, as the outcome of 12 years of expertise in e-voting, e-participation, free software, and bleeding-edge privacy-enhancing technologies and solutions, through NGOs and SMEs lead and founded by founder and Executive Director, Rufo Guerreschi. Since then OMC has aggregated a world-class advisory boards, and partners with globally unique or rare expertises, most of which actively involved for years.


The Open Media Cluster was established in May 2011 to catalyze a critical mass of media/ICT innovators and industry players around a shared vision of disruptive structural R&D investments and clustering around a planned 47,000 sq.mts. 140M€ ICT and media technology park in Rome, Italy, the Open Media Park. The park project, lead by Rufo Guerreschi from 2005 till 2015, is now mostly dormant for bureaucratic reasons.


Contribute to the wide availability of IT services and life-cycles with radically unprecedented levels of trustworthiness, that are sufficiently extreme to enable a responsabile remote excercise of political and communication civil rights, except public institution vote, and therefore promote global democratic processes, and digital sovereignty of citizens and democratic nations.

Increase overall public safety, by validating our intuition that citizens’ digital freedoms and states’ ability to investigate criminal suspects are not an “either or”, but a “both or neither”, which can be substantially resolved.

Contribute to creating and sustaining an ultra-high assurance low-level open computing base and certification governance model that substantially help maximize positive societal outcomes for the most advanced, well-financed and safety-conscious, strong and narrow artificial intelligence (AI) projects and applications.

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