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User Verifiable Social Telematics

User Verifiable Social Telematics (UVST) is an international R&D project – developed and promoted by the no-profit Open Media Cluster, innovation core of the upcoming EU 2nd largest media technology park – which is being presented together with 15 Italian, EU and Brazilian world-class partners, as proposal to several public co-financing programs in the Lazio Region, EU Horizon SC7 2020 and FINEP Inova Telecom Brazil programs. It is also in talks with several mobile operators and mobile device makers for equity or revenue-share based agreements for Structural Partnership.

What: UVST is a 6-12M€ R&D project to develop a mobile&desktop ultra-private user-friendly end-to-end communications service that provides minimalistic yet truly-trustable voice, email/text/chat and Web social and business, at a provisioning cost of 1-200€/user/year, through a dedicated ultra-verifiable server-side equipment and processes (CivicRoom and CivicLab), and a dedicated 2.5-3mm-thin touch-screen handheld and e-ink screen device (CivicPod), which is available either attached to any user’s mobile phone via a dedicated external case, or “inserted” inside the internal case of a custom-built 8-9mm-thin smartphone’s (CivicPhone), sharing its battery. The CivicPod is ⅔ the size of an average smartphone; embeds encryption hardware, very minimal software, a power connector, micro-HDMI port and 2 Bluetooth ports, dual front-facing cameras for highly-innovative on-TV user interactions; and interfaces via Bluetooth to the user smartphone (as a mere hostile data connection bridge) and to desktop peripherals. For desktop use, the CivicPod is inserted in an included dedicated docking station with HDMI-switch – which charges both devices and relays the CivicPod screen info on the desktop monitor, and connects via BT to a dedicated KeyboardPad. Each CivicPod can have either a single persona, controlled by the user, or 2 “personas”, one of which controlled completely by its employer.

UVST Main Components: A cheap and ultra-thin touch-screen devices (CivicPods) attachable via custom case to any smartphone; (optional) cheap bare-bone dedicated TV-connect devices (CivicDongles) with DVT-B, HTML5 and Tor capabilities, that are assembled, verified, flashed and transferred to their users in dedicated custom-built street-facing labs (CivicLab), that contains a server room where all accessible services are hosted (CivicRoom); that are managed, distributed and commercialized by any willing service provider (CivicProviders), whose service is regularly certified by a to-be-established dedicated certification organization/Committee (CivicAuthority) of leading global digital civil rights organizations, also responsible for the updating of the certification specifications.

The CivicLab a dedicated custom-built street-facing lab per each metropolitan area where: all CivicPods and server-side equipment components are verified, tested and assembled through overly transparent processes; all new users are authenticated on-site and their CivicPod flashed; and a dedicated server-room (CivicRoom) is located where all and any remote services accessible through the CivicPod are hosted. CivicRoom remote admin access is disabled, and on-site access by anyone is conditional on the physical presence and approval of 5 randomly-selected UVST users, in addition to 2 system administrators, through dedicated keypad locks (CivicLocks)1, in ways inspired by arguably the greatest security invention of all times, i.e. the “trustless”2 transparent democratic procedures deployed for at polling stations during well-run paper-based democratic governmental elections that indirectly but thoroughly guarantee voters against abuse. By “Trustless”, we mean the “Trust no one” approach, i.e. the assumption of no trust on anyone or any thing, except in proper, effective, open and transparent organizational processes that affect every aspect of the service design and provisioning, and which are easy assessable by willing average common citizen.
One or more willing service provider, a CivicProvider, manage and commercialize the UVST end-to-end service (just selected partners for the initial months). All CivicPod and equipment inside the CivicRoom are custom-built, verified and assembled through a an extremely thorough security assurance process (CivicFab). CivicFab and all CivicProviders quality of service is continuously certified by a to-be-established organization (CivicAuthority), is made up of leading independent global digital civil rights expert organizations and UVST user-elected representative, and is responsible for the updating of the certification specifications.

Targets Markets: Since it combines leading-edge levels of privacy, user-friendliness, very low cost and substantial utility&entertainment features, it can be offered a end-to-end, as well as server-side-only, ultra-private communication service to customers ranging from the moderately privacy-conscious to the extremely privacy-conscious.
Substantial market opportunities have been identified for the following sector: (A) Extremely privacy-conscious high-worth individual as well as organizations, including state security and military agencies, for internal use by top executives of large and powerful private and public organizations, including state security agencies; (B) as white label or custom solution for international banks and bank associations for their high-premium clients, including ultra-private e-banking, one time passwords and more; (C) as while-label, IaaS or PaaS server-side-only solutions for the highest security and privacy requirements in state security, financial, military and other sectors; (D) as white-label standard, custom deployments or direct deployment for wide-market consumer deployment (2-300K+ units) , by telco and/or broadcasters, in partnership with local content partners, with the optional CivicDongle.

Partners to date: Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (The research arm of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development), ProNetics (Italy’s leading open source IT service provider), H3G Italia (leading global mobile operator, commercialization partner), Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights (The leading Italian digital human rights organization), Center for Cyber Intelligence and Information Security La Sapienza (The leading Italian academic security research center), Unidata (top 10 fixed-line ISP in Italy). The swiss Kolab Systems (regarded as one of the most secure email services in the world, lead by the founder of FSF Europe), and 3 world-class Brazilian partners: Kryptus (first maker of secure processor in southern hemisphere), USP CITI Center and LSI-TEC (creators of Brazilian PKI, only certificator of all PKI equipment in Brazil, coordinator of the FP7 EU-Brazil Global iTV project for the new global interactive TV standards), Cedeo/WimLabs (Dr. Chiariglione, founder of MPEG), and 8 others. Legal counsel is Avv. Guido Scorza. In initial or advanced talks with Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Almaviva, Poste Italiane, Deutsche Telekom, Lenovo, ZTE, YotaPhone.

Download here a 7 pages PDF UVST Executive Summary.

For partnership, all inquiries, and to request a meeting or a copy of the full
User Verifiable Social Telematics Project Description and Business Plan 38-pager full PDF
please contact:

Rufo Guerreschi, Exec. Dir. Open Media Cluster — +393357545620